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A community

BETWEENPROS is the platform for the real estate, architecture and construction trades.

Are you a real estate agent, developer, investor, architect or entrepreneur?

BETWEENPROS, the first social network specialized in these professions, is THE platform for connecting professionals.

BETWEENPROS centralizes all "off-market" ads placed by professionals seeking to do business with other professionals or investors.



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Place your "off-market" ads in unlimited

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Create winning alliances!

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Job opportunities

Post and discover job offers in real estate, architecture and construction.

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Calls for tenders

The right way to access new projects.

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Post your specific requests

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Real estate software (CRM)

Compare and identify the software you need.

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Calendar of events

Stay informed about real estate, architecture and construction events.

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Access a specialized library.

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The circles

A community in the professional community.

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The points of comparison

Find the points of comparison you need.

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Functionality and features

With its functionalities, BETWEENPROS is the essential toolbox for the realization of your projects.

You can post your ads, in unlimited, make requests, post articles, present your activities.

You can find or drop off there:

  • off-market" properties for sale, for rent or for which a partnership is sought.

  • the agenda of real estate events.

  • CRM and software useful in managing your business.

  • the library of specialized books, legal documents, etc....

  • the points of comparison of real estate values that are essential for your valuations or decision-making.

  • calls for tenders for real estate projects

And above all, you do business with other professionals!

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More visibility, more opportunities

On BETWEENPROS, you will find and post off-market properties as well as specific requests and offers that are not found on traditional real estate sites. In addition, you display your skills, service offerings and goods, and specify what you are looking for. Result? You find the best partners to create added value and grow your projects!

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Many filters

Screening and finding the right properties, services or collaborator for you!
all on one platform.
by creating alerts you are notified as soon as a good or service matches your search.


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Integrated messaging

With BETWEENPROS messaging, you can easily communicate with your contacts. Create circles, manage discussions, answer questions directly. In short, expand your community and increase your efficiency!

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More professional performance

BETWEENPROS is your toolbox.

Every feature of BETWEENPROS is a valuable tool to increase your business results.

BETWEENPROS improves your efficiency by promoting exchanges with your contacts, and facilitates collaboration and partnerships.

You are informed of everything that is happening in your industry, and you will find the documents and information you need.

With BETWEENPROS, you save time and increase your results.

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